Fly Gaga

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Game Info

  • Genre: Arcade
  • Developer: JCE
  • Publisher: JCE
  • Platform: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
Launch baby up to dizzying heights in Fly GaGa.


  • Dodge obstacles on the way up and smash 'em on the way down.
  • Collect power-ups to give baby the edge in trampoline acrobatics.
  • The higher you soar, the higher you score!

Item List

  • Milk

    Jump higher

  • Candy

    Double the jumping power of Milk

  • Thunder hat

    Zap obstacles with lightning

  • Helmet

    Smash all the obstacles on the way up with the helmet

  • Shield

    Protects baby from obstacles

  • Booster

    Become an invincible flying machine!

  • Cute bird

    Jump higher

  • Rocket

    Allows the baby to fly

  • Bomb launcher

    Allows the baby to fly

  • Red balloon

    Baby grows fat, unable to fly higher

  • Black balloon

    Baby gets out of control!

  • Board

    Careful, don't fly up into the board

  • Ladybug

    This is one deadly bug!

  • Water drop

    Expands with water, pops when baby lands on it!

  • Raining goblin

    Don't touch the rain or the goblin

  • Drunken bird

    Don't touch this tipsy bird

  • Bees

    Don't get stung!

  • Black hole

    Can't smash this tough guy when falling back down!

How to Play

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  1. Wait for baby to climb onto the trampoline.
  2. Pull down and release to launch baby.
  3. * The stronger you pull, the higher baby will fly.
  1. Tilt to move left and right to gain items and avoid obstacles on the way up.
  2. * All obstacles (except the Black hole) can be smashed while baby falls back down from the sky.
  1. Baby must land on the trampoline. Check for the arrow at the bottom of the screen to find the trampoline.


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